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Screener Call

Get the fastest alerts for the potential runners of the day directly on your device. Starting in premarket 4AM until aftermarket 8PM.

Tracking Call

Subscribe to the tickers of your interest and receive updates on news, halts and technical chart analysis. You will never miss a trade again.

Trade Call

Receive realtime alerts with charts when the algorithm finds possible entries and exits. Available in TradingView and Discord.

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If you like quick and profitable intraday trades you can follow our experienced daytraders.


If you have less time during the day you can also stick to more relaxed swingtrades.


What our members say


This is a really great place to be, highly active group, with extensive knowledge on all matters pertaining to (basically) making money from money. I am yet to actually explore all the content that the Vertical System has to offer, because there’s just so much. Have only gotten to go (somewhat) in depth with Waxui’s recommendations so far, and they’re really great. Of course, one must be alert when working in this field, and so discretion is advised! So far, so good, Team VertiCall!


Decided to give VertiCall a try in early August. I've been testing, measuring, analyzing the alerts and results over weeks before committing money to the alert strategy I would use. Today, was the day I was set to execute on my strategy relative to the alerts provided by VertiCall. Within 30s on VVOS, I had made enough to cover a half year of subscription. I'm loving the community and the high quality (and VERY early in the moves) alerting provided by VertiCall. The weekly training videos are also very well thought out and executed. Great learning opportunities!


Signed up two weeks ago and have been learning a significant amount. It is worth every single penny, not only do they provide you with materials for you to study and gain knowledge in trading. The community is also extremely helpful with any questions. Going into college I was a bit worried about not being able to trade because of market hours and my sleep schedule. I see this place being able to turn somebody who is clueless into a successful trader. On top of all that their screeners and algorithm are absolutely amazing, catches pretty much most of the runners if not all. Made a 30% gain in a matter of minutes. I definitely recommend this, no matter what skill level you are at. They don’t only give you the fish but they teach you how to fish as well!


Love this trading group, everyone is friendly, helpful and respectful. After trying many groups and being kicked by some for simply asking basic questions I've found a keeper. Bonus, their alerts actually assist in finding great entries, exits and news. Made off with multiple 100%+ trades now with their alerts and chat room. Thanks!

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